Keep doors closed, you were a little thieving

Fine stones

We were at a tea factory and Ose have little knowledge about how to make tea. The old machines are made in Birmingham.

Nature is very much on here is 40 years old tea plants, they become 50-60 years old, then becomes planted new ones.

Here we saw 2 white from the cold north, in the middle of a tea field

The hotel in Yale, so we have come into heat again. Here in the national park came a tidal wave of 8 m height and took everything with him too many tourists

One of the beautiful bungalovs

natur pur

One of the countless old tembler that something new is Ose in the picture

There is also done little turtle. Here a 40 year old who has been inspected by veterinarians because it had a hook in the throat

Was just inside fir little food and a single beer. The prospect does not fail anything

Memorial sunamien which came in over the coast of 8m height. A train with 1300 people were swept off track and all perished. Total of 50000 died on SriLanka

Oversættelse fra Dansk til Engelsk Fishing port of hikkaduva today. But a few years ago when the ships were 100m up on shore. Our tour guide had his family 2 large boats, now they have none and most of the family is dead

A transport tool

We were invited to sail in mangrove and enjoyed a dinner at the restaurant. They were adorned with all kinds of flags, the reason, a thanks for helping the world after sunamien

A waterfall about 200m high, the picture is fine, but being there is better. and you can contact. or e-mail: Srilanka and your dream becomes real

There were also large crocodiles, here is one of the small

We traveled D9 -01- 2011 via billund to Frankfurt and to colombo,

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16.11 | 18:04

Jeg ved ikke så meget om hans familie.Han bliver gift med min farmor og hun har 3 børn. Marie - christian og jørgen min far.
Jeg har navn efter dem.Niels -Peter

16.11 | 18:00

Ja så.jeg så godt din vende anmodning,men viste ikke hvem du var.

15.11 | 22:22

Min mors morbror var vognmand Niels Peter Christiansen. Vi besøgte ham på plejehj. i maj 1987. Jeg har lige taget hul på den del af slægten, nysgerrig efter mer

26.02 | 23:35

Jeg elsker dit websted :)


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